POEM: Heartfire (for Vestalia)

In the sky above us, in the infinite sky,
Sol the light-giver, life-giver, all-seer,
a flaming fusion furnace 93 million miles away.

In the depth below us, the ineffable depth,
Vulcan the forge-beater, artificer, fire-maker,
a core of molten nickel spinning in the heart of the earth.

Between Sol and Vulcan, between sun and earth,
between globe of flaming gas and globe of molten metal,
our earth, our home, our houses, our hearths.
In our hearths, in our hearts, the fire in our spirit,
the link between gods above and gods below,
the priestess, the hostess, the fire-tender, the focus,
Vesta. Vesta. Vesta. Ave!


For Sol Indiges

Children of the Sun

Aeneas came to Latium fleeing the wrack of Ilium,
driven by the might of Juno. In Latium he married
Lavinia, daughter of King Latinus, himself the son
of Circe, sorceress and goddess, for her father was
Helios, whom the Latins called Sol. Ave, Sol Indiges!
Father of Circe, the mother of Latinus, the father of
Lavinia, the wife of Aeneas and first mother of Rome,
you are the father of all of us, O shining deity, for
truly the sun is the source of life. When Phanes
cracked the cosmic egg, all the shining ones spun
out from him, expanding through the Mother Night,
beginning the great dance in which the starry Goddess
and her Serpent, son and lover, ever lead all that exists.
From that primal dance both fiery stars and cooling
planets, comets and nebulae, all the wonders of
the heavens, came to be. You, Sol Indiges, are
the origin of the blessed earth, the giver of all power,
you whose light feeds the planets that feed mortals
both human and animal, you whose light turns the wheel
of the endless water cycle, drawing up, showering down,
you whose light stored in wood and coal and oil, prized
gifts you gave to Earth, drives our machines and all our
works. O father, Sol Indiges, grant us sufficient sun
to grow our food, neither too much nor too little, grant
us rain likewise, neither too little nor too much; temper
the heat of August, and temper our use of fuel with
wisdom, you who consume yourself in giving, native Sun.