On the birthday of Panpsyche, Panhyle, and Paneros



When body and soul come together truly,

when there is no separation between them,

it is Love which is engendered and given birth.

Self needs no other if other is also self;

unity within one’s being, making one of two,

making two of all, makes love for self, for other,

and for all. O Panpsyche, may soul and body love thee!

O Panhyle, may body and soul love each other!

O Paneros, ever and always may love be universal

and never let it doubt to speak its name, thy name.


To Panhyle on the second of the month


May I be as firmly grounded as you are, Panhyle.

May I take care of my body as wisely as you do.

May I never lack what my body needs: food and clothing, shelter and healing.

May I ever seek those things if I lack them, never

ignore my body’s needs or slight my body in favor of my soul.

Panpsyche is your partner and sister, and you

are her brother and partner, Panhyle, all-body, all bodies,

the body of all things.