Wise and helpful words from a druid friend

The world is hard and it’s getting harder. You might as well be who and what you’re called to be. Practice your devotion to your Gods and ancestors. Practice your magic. Practice your love of Nature. Go deeper. Get stronger. Learn and refine the skills you will need to do your Great Work in these challenging times.

… The world is hard and it’s getting harder. We cannot allow it to make us hard people. That will serve neither ourselves nor our values. Instead, may we grow stronger and wiser, and may we care for ourselves, each other, and the world around us.

–John Beckett, Under the Ancient Oaks


Enchantment and disenchantment

pigeons in silhouette 08.17.14One of the most frequent comments I hear around Pagans of every description is a desire to re-enchant the world.  Re-enchantment means different things to different people and the desires expressed are often vague.  It’s like a craving for a food you can’t describe because you’ve never had it, but you’re sure there must be something that tastes like what you’re thinking, if only you had a name for it.

–John Beckett, Under the Ancient Oaks

(The photo is also John’s.)

No, no, honey.  There is nothing wrong with the world.  The world is as magic as it ever was.  The problem is us.  And to be more exact, the problem is some of us.   There are still people in the world who are not disconnected, disenchanted, nor lost.

–Sara Amis, A Word to the Witch

To enchant something is literally to sing to it. In addition to what John and Sara suggest, how about we do just that? Sing to the world. Sing to the gods. If you have a pet, I bet you sing silly songs to your pets, as I have to my birds. Sing to the wild birds. Sing to the trees and the weeds and the petunias your neighbor planted. Sing to the spider that spun its web across your window. Sing your dead grandparents their favorite songs. Sing a song for the cow and the potato and the green beans that have become your dinner. Sing to your own spirit, your own soul, sing them back to life, sing them home.

Druid wisdom, again

In the end, judge your beliefs by the results they bring.  Do they inspire you to live a deeper, more meaningful life?  Do they inspire you to live in harmony with the Earth and all its creatures?  Do they promote practices that help you deal with the hardships of life?  Do they bring you into deeper relationships with the Gods – however you conceive of Them – and Their virtues?  If so, your beliefs are good.

–John Beckett, Under the Ancient Oaks

Wise words in a dark time

From John Beckett’s blog

The dark times we are experiencing now will not disappear when we light our Solstice candles.  I cannot promise you a bright new calendar year.  Yet we light our Solstice candles anyway.  We do what we do not because it will make everything nice and easy but because this is who we are….

These dark times are hard and we do ourselves no favors if we pretend they are not.  But our goal is not merely to survive, it’s not to simply get through this.  Our goal to build a better world and to live honorable and even happy lives in the process.

Sometimes we do the right things because we want to.  Sometimes we do the right things because others force us to.  And sometimes we do the right things because to do anything else is simply too painful.  This is such a time.

(You should read the entire post. Go, go.)