POEM: Moon over Snow

Last night after the blizzard
the skies cleared
in silence, while everyone slept.
When I woke at three, called
by my body’s need, I stopped
in a pool of white light
cast through my kitchen window.
The full moon beamed
over the fallen snow
sharp and bright, its light
keen and hard.
This is no weather
for dancing in the moonlight
so I send my soul
instead of my body
to dance in the moon’s valleys
and salute its ruling powers
in dream.


Prayer after a blizzard


The earth is covered with snow, and the birds are starving.
Our cars are buried and frozen, our walkways are two feet deep.
O Sunna, shine on us! Melt the blanket of snow
into refreshing waters for the earth.
Helios, linger overhead, till the bare boughs drip water.
Apollo, sing, and charm the winds into blowing the drifts aside
so that the small birds and the wild deer can feed.
Grannos, heat the earth from within,
make safe our sidewalks and roads.
Vertumnus, turn the wheel, soften the earth
to be sown, encourage the snowdrop and the crocus,
and clear the ground for the birds’ mating dances.
Thor, drive away the frost giants, and protect us
when we burst outside, driven by cabin fever!