FIC: Dalliance

“Excuse me, I thought you were a girl.”

The pretty boy blinked at the eagle. “You are mistaken: I am definitely a boy.” He pointed to his genitals in proof.

The eagle shed its pinions and assumed a human form: Mature, manly, clear-eyed, with a flicker of lightnings playing about his beard.

“Excuse me, I thought you were an eagle.”

“In fact, I am a god. I am Zeus.” The god gestured and a rumble of thunder punctuated his announcement.

“Ah! Pardon me, great lord, I was deceived by your cunning disguise.” The pretty boy knelt.

Zeus chucked him under the chin. “So what’s your name, pretty boy who’s pretty enough to make Zeus think he’s a girl.”

The pretty boy stood up but kept his eyes lowered. “I am Ganymede, Thunderer, son of Tros, chieftain of Dardania.”

“Oh, yes, Tros, the one who founded Troy and then there’s going to be a war and then Schliemann… er, never mind, divine foreknowledge and all that. In any case, I was planning to dally with you for a while and beget heroes upon your loins, you know, the sort of thing I generally do with pretty, er, girls. And women. But since you’re a boy, perhaps you’d like me to drop you nearer home on my way off?”

Ganymede shyly raised his eyes to smile at the god. “Well, king of gods, it’s true I can’t bear heroes for you, but I *can* provide dalliance.”


Ganymede smiled more widely and stepped closer. “If I might be permitted, son of Kronos–” He knelt.

“Oh… oh! OH!”

Thunder rolled, lightning struck, and a brief but powerful rainshower soaked the region.

“Have you never dallied with a boy, Raingiver?”

“Not before this, no.”

“I could show you other possibilities, gracious lord, if we might adjourn to someplace drier and more comfortable.”

“How about this, pretty boy?”

Ganymede boldly threw his arms about the god’s waist. “I don’t like caves! Once when I was a child, I was trapped in a cave by an angry bear. I was terribly frightened.”

“Really? I’ve had some of my best dalliances in caves. But perhaps you would prefer this–”

At once they were in a secluded grove on the slopes of Mt. Ida, where great oak trees encircled a patch of sweet-smelling flowers. Ganymede sneezed violently.

“I beg your pardon, father of gods and men, but an abundance of flowers always makes me ill. And then I sn–” He sneezed once again.

“Very well, then.” In the space of a heartbeat, they were in a bedchamber in a small disused palace on Mt. Olympos.

“Now this is more like it,” Ganymede said, and tugged the god toward the bed.

Quite a lot of dalliance ensued, until Ganymede had to plead exhaustion on the grounds that he was only human. Zeus allowed him to sleep, watching over him lest anyone discover their tryst.

When Ganymede awoke, the god stroked his hair. “How would you like to stay here on Olympos, my boy? You could spell my daughter Hebe as cupbearer; she might even marry you, if you like. And we could dally further from time to time, you and I.”

“I’d like that, great lawgiver.” Ganymede glanced at Zeus from under his lashes. “You didn’t really mistake me for a girl, did you, all-seeing lord?”

Zeus laughed. “No, of course not. But you did teach me a few tricks, lad. And you *are* awfully pretty.”

(In honor of the syncretism of Antinous and Ganymede.)


POEM: The Eagle’s Star

Antinous rises tonight
Tonight he bestrides the constellations,
bridging Aquarius and Aquila
Heralded by Muses and poets,
he ascends the heavens
to claim the Boat of Millions of Years
The archons of the underworld are defeated
Their perversions no match for his terrible beauty
Fear and hatred, greed and lust
flee from the light of his countenance
Hail, Antinous! Star of beauty in the night sky!
Hail, Antinous! Navigator of the celestial Barque!
Hail, Antinous! You are the journey, you are the guide,
you yourself are the destination!
Hail, Antinous! The beautiful boy rises in the east!

Goddesses and heroines

At this time of year, I often find myself thinking that I’m a bad Pagan because I’m not a huge fan of Halloween. I love cooler weather, brisk winds, falling leaves, gourds and tiny pumpkins decorating my table. However, I have no desire to dress up or go to parties, and I don’t like scary movies very much because they actually scare me.

On this feast day, the people of Antinous celebrate the Panthea in honor of all the goddesses, divae, sanctae, and heroines associated with the youthful god. It’s one of those days that makes me feel like a bad feminist because I don’t have a relationship with a lot of goddesses. I hung around or at least read about Goddess spirituality and Wicca long enough to absorb the idea that women need goddesses, yet the deities I approach daily are Antinous himself; Serapis, to whom I pray as a father; and Vesta. Vesta is not, to me,¬†mother or sister, lover or beloved, but rather¬†a protectress, a role model, a powerful force, a presence. She is less personal in her manifestation to me than the two gods, but no less important.

In my previous post, I listed the goddesses who have close connections with the Bithynian Boy. As a girl, I was very attracted to Athena, as the deity with whom I had most in common. In my twenties, I discovered that the asteroid named Pallas, after Athena, sits exactly on my ascendant, in the sign of Aquarius. I seem much more like a typical Aquarius than a typical Capricorn, which is where my natal sun is situated. I suppose it’s typical of an Athena type of woman that she’s more interested in men, ofttimes, than in other women, more drawn to gods than to goddesses.

I was feeling depressed earlier today, after a trying week. Like many women, I turned to an unfailing source of comfort: a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Remembering that I ought to do something for the holy day, that I *wanted* to do something, I lit Vesta’s candle on my shrine and put some of my ice cream in a small dish. I offered it to the goddesses and named their names before taking my first mouthful of frozen dairy therapy. Once I finished it, I felt better, able to make the post I had been planning for the day.

I wonder if even a goddess might want a pint of ice cream now and then? In any case, the holy powers do seem to appreciate it when I share favorite foods with them.