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Life is a work in progress

Regular readers of this blog might notice that not much has been going on here since the winter holy days and the end of last year. 2016 was difficult for me as for a lot of people, on so many levels, most of which I would much prefer not to discuss in a public venue.

However, very discerning readers, or at least those who populate Facebook and Tumblr, might have noticed that my writing has been appearing elsewhere. Yes, I started a new blog–again.

Jesus, Antinous, Julian of Norwich, Medicine Buddha, Captain America, and Me, a Writer is, as the name implies, a blog to house and to promote all of my writing, whether fiction, poetry, or essays, whether the topic is Christian or pagan or Buddhist, original fiction or fan fiction, politics (not very often) or culture (pop and otherwise), or birds (and their cuteness).

This blog, for now, will remain live and accessible but not be updated. My goal is that eventually most or all of its content will be migrated elsewhere. I hope that all of the lovely people who have been following my writing here will continue to follow me at the new blog and consider bestowing a bit of financial support for my work.

Life is a work in progress. The last four years have been very good ones for me as a writer. The work goes forward. Please join me.


Not exactly a voice in the wilderness

I don’t really like December. Long-time readers of my blogging, not just here but at Confessions of an Urban Druid and elsewhere, may recall how often I complain about premature Christmas decorations, forced jollity, and the general orgy of consumerism which has never lessened though A Charlie Brown Christmas is dutifully aired every year. Another reason I don’t like December is that it’s usually a poor season for me as far as writing goes. Inspiration and energy tend to dry up and don’t quicken again until January or sometimes February. I find that the dark moon in Aquarius, the time of the Chinese lunar new year, is often when my writing begins to flow again; at that time, sun and moon conjoin in my first house and inaugurate a personal new year.

On top of the usual doldrums, I’ve had my ex-husband’s shocking cancer diagnosis, then the confirmation that I myself have Type 2 diabetes. It’s fairly mild, manageable with careful carb counting, but it was something of a sucker punch, coming as it did right after the cancer news. Just this morning, at work, a co-worker had a mild seizure and was taken to the hospital; the most concerning aspect of that is that it has happened before, just this past summer.

All that I’ve been able to produce are a few prayers for my private use and a lot of complaining. Hence my relative absence from the blogosphere.

Today, however, I come as a messenger with tidings of good news. The Ekklesia Antinoou, having duly voted to change its administration from a single Magistrate to a council of three, voted for me as one of the first three Council Magistrates. Readers of the Aedicula Antinoi will probably recognize the names of Sr. Krissy Fiction of the Order of Perpetual Indulgence and Duffi McDermott, who are my co-magistrates. The election results were confirmed by divination, and I am both honored and humbled to go forth with the blessing of Antinous, Hadrian, and their associated deities.

I am proud to announce that the new Council has already accomplished its first task: Creating a website to serve as a portal to the theory and practice of the Ekklesia Antinoou and its approach to Antinoan devotion. I invite you to visit Naos Antinoou: An Online Temple of Antinous. PSVL has already cross-posted eir excellent essay on the history and nature of the Ekklesia, and we plan to feature more of eir work as Doctor and Mystagogue of the Ekklesia along with contributions from several other writers. Our intention is to offer rituals, prayers, an easily accessible sacred calendar, and other resources to make both getting started and keeping going in our tradition easier. Watch that space!

And watch this space! Regarding my new short story, “A leisurely cruise through the stars,” I’ve decided to return to my original inspiration and write the story during the season of Antinous the Navigator, which begins with the appearance of his star on January 29th. If the gods grant me the words, I will post each segment as it is written, as I did with “A distinguished visitor from the north”.

In conclusion, I wish my readers a joyous Saturnalia, a good Yule, a blessed Alban Arthan, a merry Christmas, and all other possible felicitations of the winter solstice season.

Not drowning, just thrashing about a lot

Gentle readers! I promise I have not forgotten you, or this blog, or the tale of Hades and his wife and his unexpected visitor. A number of stressors have come between me and fruitful congress with my laptop keyboard, chiefly a major change at work. The handsome central library building where I work, which is nearly seventy years old, is about to be renovated, and all of the staff that don’t serve the public directly are being moved offsite for the duration, a projected three to five years. That staff includes me, my boss, and our division, which includes serials, cataloguing, acquisitions, and materials selection. Tomorrow is our last day in the old familiar digs, and next Wednesday is our first day to report to the new site.

The move coincides with the loss of our head of cataloguing, who has found another job, and with the Sacred Nights of Antinous, the most important holy days of the year. If my boss weren’t so calm and organized, I might have run screaming like a maenad already, and not in a good way.

Please pray that the movers don’t lose my ergonomic back cushions or anything else we really need, and I’ll be back in regular service here as soon as I can.

Good news I forgot to share here!

First of all, dear readers, I want to announce that as of last week, I raised enough money to make my security deposit. In fact, I may be able to pay the whole amount in advance of when it is required. So my thanks to everyone who boosted my signal or donated, and to the gods for all my wonderful friends and connections.

Second, I have a job interview on Thursday the 23rd. It’s for a new position in the library system where I work, as a library associate in young adult and children’s services in a branch location. It would mean more money as well as more challenge and more *fun* than my present position. Please waft a prayer for me!

And finally, my boss was delivered of her baby this week, safely though not without difficulty. I thank Antinous Asklepios, Glykon, Juno Lucina, and Diana, to whom prayers were offered. This was definitely a delivery where modern medicine helped.

I still need your help

Good morning, friends! I am thrilled to tell you that a donor who wishes to remain anonymous has given me HALF the money I need for my security deposit. I am now trying to raise only $400 by September 1st. I STILL NEED YOUR HELP. I’m not asking anyone to donate hundreds of dollars, though I’m not going to turn you down if you do! If enough of my friends, readers, fellow cockatiel lovers donate small amounts, I will have what I need. Please consider throwing a few bucks my way. Rembrandt and I will be really grateful. I’d even write something to order for you, a poem or prayer or fic or essay. Thanks for reading.

Click here to donate to my security deposit fundraiser.

I need your help, dear readers

I’ve been living in a studio apartment for two years on a month-to-month basis. Now, with a view to selling the building or refinancing his mortgage, my landlord has requested that I sign a lease and give him a security deposit. I have no savings and no way of raising this money without asking for help. Please help me raise $400 by the end of July and another $400 by the end of August. Please support A Nest for Spanky and Me. (Spanky’s my bird.)

My dog’s better than yours, but my god isn’t

A while ago a reader expressed some misgivings about this post, in which I stated that my god (Antinous) is cuter than your god. She felt that such uncategorical statements might lead to contention amongst devotees of different gods.

So let me state publicly what I said in my reply to her: Anything I say about Antinous being cute, or cuter than other gods (and *are* there other gods their worshippers call cute?), is far from being disrespect to other gods or irreverence toward Antinous: It’s a bit of mockery of myself, for being a middle-aged woman all swoony over a boy who was deified when he was about nineteen, and who thus is eternally nineteen, for all that he’s a god.

I also remember that something decidedly unreligious was running through my head while I wrote that blog entry. This version of it is a bit before my time, but I think you can see why this foolishness would stick in my head and come out as “My god’s cuter than yours”.

Life is what happens while you’re making other plans

I definitely did not plan for a twelve-hour bout of food poisoning or stomach flu this weekend, gentle readers, but that’s what I got. Worst weekend since–well, since the last time I had food poisoning/stomach flu. At least this time I’m not going to be flat on my back for a week.

I plan to resume the 30 Days of Polytheism meme, even though I won’t finish it by the end of June. I had plans for another poetry project in July, but I am reconsidering that in favor of turning to fiction writing for a while. You won’t see my fiction here on this blog, unless I write something devotional, but that doesn’t mean I won’t continue posting here.

I hope everyone else celebrated the Summer Solstice, and Fathers’ Day, more agreeably than I did!

A note and a link

This is just to let my readers know that I will occasionally be reposting Antinoan items I originally shared at Confessions of an Urban Druid, especially poems I have written for various divinities; there aren’t that many such items, all told.

I’d also like to link to a poem for Dionysus I wrote which was posted at the Boukoleon, the website for the Thiasos of the Starry Bull. It’s at the bottom of the page, at present.

Hello and welcome

Welcome to Antinous for Everybody, a blog devoted to the Greek-Egyptian-Roman god Antinous, his revived worship in the 21st century, and your blogger’s attempts at practicing polytheism, including devotion to Antinous. Here are some things you should know about Antinous:
  • Antinous was a historical person, a young man from Bithynia, a province of the Roman Empire near what is now called the Black Sea.
  • He was the lover of the Emperor Hadrian.
  • He was deified according to Egyptian custom when he drowned in the Nile. To drown in the Nile conferred union with Osiris, the god of life in the afterworld.
  • He was not deified because the Emperor was his boyfriend, but his worship would likely not have become widespread if he hadn’t been connected to Hadrian.
  • His worship did spread throughout the Empire, promoted by Hadrian with the founding of a city on the site of his death, building of temples, and holding of games in his honor, until it was suppressed along with other pagan cultus by the Church.
  • Antinous is not just “a gay god” or a god for gay men or a god of being gay. He is a god of poetry, athletic competition, love, hunting, and the mysteries of apotheosis, just to scratch the surface, who was and is available to anyone who prays to him.
  • If you want to know everything there is to know about Antinous and his revived worship, visit the Aedicula Antinoi, his virtual shrine and one of the best blogs I’ve ever read.

A few things you might want to know about me, your blogger:

  • I am not a gay man. In fact, I’m a bisexual cisgender woman.
  • I’m also a writer and musician, and I work in my city’s public library.
  • I grew up a High Church Episcopalian, but I’ve been interested in comparative religion and mythology for as long as I could read.
  • I’ve explored Wicca, Druidry, Tibetan Buddhism, and generic neopaganism on my way to discovering Antinous.
  • I’m new to the worship of Antinous, but I feel a strong devotion to him.
  • I’m a citizen, that is, a member of the Ekklesía Antínoou–-a queer, Graeco-Roman-Egyptian syncretist reconstructionist polytheist group dedicated to Antinous, the deified lover of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, and related deities and divine figures (a direct quote from the founder of the E.A., P. Sufenas Virius Lupus).
  • I honor a spread of Greek, Roman, and Egyptian gods, along with various ancestors and spirits.
  • I really, really, really like birds. My significant other, in a non-sexual sense, is my cockatiel, Rembrandt.

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