Interview with an Orphic Rhapsode

Check out my interview with Sara Mastros, witch for hire and translator of the Orphic Hymns, here at my other blog.


A commentary on the season

“Io Saturnalia,” a reflection on the festival from astrological, historical, and magical angles.

Music for May

In past years I’ve shared performances of madrigals, songs by Loreena McKennitt, covers by Hozier at this time of year, springtime, May-time, the Floralia, the incoming of Antinous the Lover. I’ve had this tab open in my web browser for several days, so I don’t remember who pointed it out to me, but this year’s May music is “The man who sings with nightingales”. Read the article and then help yourself to the embedded tracks on Soundcloud, especially “Singing with nightingales”.