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Sacred Nights: The Death of Antinous

Death happens. Life goes on. How many people have died while I slept last night? How many more have died while I droned away at work? Death happens. Life goes on. The Nile keeps on flowing.



This is what pluralism looks like

A personal moment

Dear readers, please excuse this frivolous personal indulgence. A couple of days ago I submitted pics and text about my beloved cockatiel Rembrandt to Pet of the Day, a venerable website that has provided daily pictures of people’s pets since 1997. (Yes, in internet years, that’s ancient! They also have a Dog of the Day and Cat of the Day.)

On this day, 15 October 2015, my boy was featured as the Pet of the Day. I am so proud. Here is the website, and here’s a permalink to his page.

What you look like when you judge other people’s practice of their religion

And no, I don’t mean you resemble handsome, funny Chris Evans.

Some signs that Lughnasad is, indeed, the beginning of fall

  • Leaves are beginning to turn brown and fall.
  • Birds’ feathers are falling, too: Many birds moult in fall, after the summer breeding season.
  • I am craving hot tea again. I recommend Upton Tea for those who like a loose-leaf brew.
  • Something in the air feels different.
  • My acupuncturist says it’s fall.
  • If students in the U.S. are going Back to School, it must be fall.

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