A month for Antinous

I’m going to be posting daily at the Naos Antinoou this month for 31 Days of Devotion.

Naos Antinoou: A Temple of Antinous

All my online feeds right now are full of the proclamation of fall: Pumpkins, skeletons, scarves and sweaters, hot flavored beverages, Tim Burton films. Here at the Naos, however, our thoughts turn to the Bithynian Boy (not that we despise seasonal beverages). October is the last month of the sacred calendar for us, and as it ends, a new year begins with the Sacred Nights, the festival of Antinous’ death and deification.

In celebration of this holy time, and in the interests of providing more content, we’ve decided to undertake a meme: 31 Days of Devotion. Each day of this month, at least one of the bloggers here will post a devotional writing prompt and their response to it. I invite our readers to post their own reflections in comments.

I’m going to start off the month with the first prompt: Write a basic introduction to the deity.

The bare…

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