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POEM: The curious incident of the dog in the night-time

It is always a curious incident when the dog does nothing,
when the dog that should waken sleeps,
when the hound that should bark lies silent,
when the watch-dog fails of its watch.
In the toilsome heat of August, the Romans punished the dogs
that failed to do anything in the night-time,
or the day-time, whichever it was,
when the Gauls came to scale the city walls
and carry away all that made Rome superior.
Piteous dog crucifixions baking in the heat alongside the road!
Juno’s geese strutting and honking nearby,
pleased with their own superiority: *They* gave the warning
when the dogs failed! Pathetic. Geese are large, loud,
aggressive, and not known to be trusting.

O Hermanubis, temper the ferocity of Sirius!
Hounds of the Dog Star, chase away the roaring Lion
burning up our skies! Gracious gods, protect the harvest,
send us rain and sun in due measure: The dog days
are over, the descent into autumn has begun.

(With thanks to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

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3 thoughts on “POEM: The curious incident of the dog in the night-time

  1. Lovely!

    We got clouds and very light very brief rain last evening (when I was outside having a barbecue with friends, with a big black dog and an actual wolf, too!), and it’s a little grey here now…but I suspect the summer sun won’t be gone for too long…


  2. honorthegodsblog on said:

    We had very little rain in July, and it’s been SO dry and very hot
    AUTUMN. Such a magical word, a yearly respite, an occurrence devoutly to be wished.


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