Prayer after a blizzard


The earth is covered with snow, and the birds are starving.
Our cars are buried and frozen, our walkways are two feet deep.
O Sunna, shine on us! Melt the blanket of snow
into refreshing waters for the earth.
Helios, linger overhead, till the bare boughs drip water.
Apollo, sing, and charm the winds into blowing the drifts aside
so that the small birds and the wild deer can feed.
Grannos, heat the earth from within,
make safe our sidewalks and roads.
Vertumnus, turn the wheel, soften the earth
to be sown, encourage the snowdrop and the crocus,
and clear the ground for the birds’ mating dances.
Thor, drive away the frost giants, and protect us
when we burst outside, driven by cabin fever!


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Writer, musician, polytheist, and friend of birds. I like science fiction, fantasy, and superheroes a lot.

2 thoughts on “Prayer after a blizzard”

  1. It’s not that cold here, but still…I have not ventured out of my apartment since Friday. Eeesh! Hope you’re staying warm and things aren’t too bad for you in the meantime…

    Incidentally, have you and the other Magisterium members talked about the e-mail I sent on the 21st? Let me know as soon as you can, so we can start the planning process over all that…! 😉


    1. The photo was taken during the storm by sticking my phone out the front door of my building and snapping. The prayer was written the next day, when it was all over and the sun was out. I was actually able to get out and buy some more groceries yesterday. I’m in the middle of downtown, and my neighborhood has both apartments and a lot of small businesses, so the streets get plowed and the sidewalks cleared pretty quickly.


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