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A disturbance in the Force

I have never been a fan of David Bowie, although I have long had a great respect for him as an artist. But his death feels like a body blow nevertheless.

I think he can probably gain access to any afterlife he pleases, purely on his own recognizance. But I will remember him as a spiritual ancestor, someone who belonged to the people of the Tetrad++ even before they were born.

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One thought on “A disturbance in the Force

  1. Bowie’s song “Changes” came out in 1972. It was still so timely in 1977 when I graduated High School that it was voted our class song. One of my co-workers is twenty years younger than me; she and her Mom attended one of his Serious Moonlight concerts, and though my co-worker was appalled when her Mom tossed a pair of her underwear onstage, she waited patiently at the stage door to have her thigh autographed by Bowie in Sharpie marker. His music has a timeless relevance – and he’ll be missed.


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