Dies Natalis Vestae

The beginning of the light
Where does the light begin?
Is it when the sun rises, banishing sleep and opening eyes?
Is it as the days lengthen, though the cold deepens,
and the sun begins its slow procession northward again?
When does the light begin, and whence
does it shine forth into our hearts?
Let it begin today, as in these shortest days
we kindle Vesta’s fire and gather close
to drink her warmth.
Let it begin today, the birthday of the goddess,
as we plug in our strings of lights at sunset,
as we heat our kettles for hot cocoa and hot cider,
as we fill our ovens with cookies and cakes to share.
Come among us, maiden goddess, clad in white heat
and crowned with candles, stars, and colored lights
that twinkle at our windows, on our trees,
we celebrate your heat and brightness in the winter’s depth.
Felix dies natalis, Vesta dea!


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Writer, musician, polytheist, and friend of birds. I like science fiction, fantasy, and superheroes a lot.

3 thoughts on “Dies Natalis Vestae”

      1. Well, it worked! 😉

        I should probably change the listing on my Calendar, in any case, as it’s actually Hestia rather than Vesta…I know some people say “same difference,” but I am particular about these things. It turns out the yahoo who wrote the article on the calendrical text about this date used the Latin terms and Deity-names, rather than the actual Greek that the text was written in…


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