In remembrance of Victor Anderson

Victor Anderson, from Wikimedia

I have been remiss in my blogging lately, and in other forms of devotion to my gods. It’s not so much that I have writer’s block as that I have little energy for or interest in anything beyond showing up for work, getting something done to justify my paycheck, and playing Rovio games on my tablet. One reason for my malaise is just that it’s the end of summer, which in many ways is my least favorite season. Another, I have realized, is my boss’s three-month absence from the desk beside mine while she was having her first baby. She showed up last for a party in honor of a coworker who’s getting a new job, bringing the baby along. I’ve come to like babies now that no one can reasonably expect me to have one; I enjoyed holding her boy, a large alert wriggly fellow, and realized how much I’ve missed my boss. I’m happy to say she’ll be back on the job a week from tomorrow.

Today is an ancestor’s day for me, so I resolved to make a post, and here it is. On this day in 2001, Victor Anderson died, the founder of the Feri Tradition. I’ve written more than once about the significance of reading The Spiral Dance at age thirteen, when it was a brand-new book, and discovering the gods were alive and magic was afoot in the world, so I won’t rehash it now. I feel that Victor’s importance to Starhawk and to Reclaiming, and Starhawk’s influence on me, make Victor an ancestor in spirit for me. He was, without a doubt, a true American original; I’m not sure any other nation could have provided the mixture of experiences and influences which shaped Victor and his witchcraft tradition. Gerald Gardner’s books were certainly part of that mix; nevertheless, I feel that Feri/Faery Tradition can still rightly be called an essentially American witchcraft tradition. For me, personally, Feri/Reclaiming, eclectic, eccentric, ecofeminist, and political, will always be my default understanding of the Craft, and it’s been an important influence although I have never been trained or initiated to it.

Hail, Victor Anderson! Long may you be honored among the blessed ancestors, the Mighty Dead! Ignis corporis infirmat, ignis sed animae perstat!


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