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On Hiroshima Day: A prayer to Panprosdexia

So many voices have cried out over the centuries
in prayers to be led from darkness into light.
To whom shall we pray for those who died of too much light?
O Helios, forgive us: We attempted to grasp your power
and we created only death, a death too terrible for Hades
or Persephone. To whom shall we pray?
The god of the sun joins atom to atom in life-giving union,
but we built an impure fire by division, by destruction.

O Panprosdexia, to you I pray in the light of Hiroshima.
To you I pray for those who died in that light
and left only shadows burnt on a wall.
To you I pray for those who survived
burnt and maimed, their generations poisoned.
To you I pray for the children of the survivors,
cursed and deformed by the sufferings of their parents.
To you I pray for Tsutomu Yamaguchi,
who survived both Hiroshima and Nagasaki
to speak of them, that we may not forget.

Lead them, Panprosdexia, into a holy darkness.
Into a peaceful and healing darkness let them be led.
Pour your honey on their wounds and wash them clean.
Quench the burning of unholy fires in the weapons of mass destruction.
Lead the peoples of the earth to a place where we may join hands
in the darkness without fear and gather around a blessed fire to feast as kin.


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5 thoughts on “On Hiroshima Day: A prayer to Panprosdexia

  1. doubleinvert on said:

    Amen, and Blessed be.


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  3. This is striking…

    I have to speak with you about this and other poems you’ve written soon, so if you have a moment, remind me in an e-mail, and I’ll do that forthwith! But meanwhile, other smaller fires have to be put out here, alas…


    • Rufus Maychild on said:

      I would like to thank you for this, not being very poetic in nature myself. I was searching for Hiroshima Day Pagan prayers (or poems or invocations) to share with my prison groups, and found nothing! Left me a bit disgruntled with my ‘spiritual community’ that this event apparently wasn’t worth considering.


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