Antinous for Everybody

I worship a dead gay teenager and you can too

It is necessary, sometimes, to bare one’s heart

He is the god of my choice and the god who welcomed me.
He is the god who puts love and friendship, love between men, love between women, friendship as well as love between women and men, love between equals, at the center of his worship.
He is a god who listens. Even if I do not hear an answer, I feel that he is listening.
He is a god of things I love, such as beauty and poetry and eros, communication and prophecy and healing, and a god of things I need to honor more, such as athletics, exercise, physical vigor and excellence.
He is a god of peaceful connections, an ever-gracious host at the party of polytheism, introducing humans to gods and gods to humans and making sure everyone has enough to eat and drink.
He is a shining naked beauty preserved in pure white marble, and he is an olive-skinned, curly-haired, dark-eyed boy in skinny jeans, scuffed athletic shoes, a hoodie, with bracelets of cord and leather on his wrists, rainbow beads on his chest, his eyes outlined with kohl.
He could strike awe into my heart without a word, just by looking at me. He could work at the Greek diner on the corner and flirt with everyone who comes in.
Every beautiful boy reminds me of him. It is he whom I love in every one of them.
He is Antinous, my god.


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One thought on “It is necessary, sometimes, to bare one’s heart

  1. That he is, and so much more…


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