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Antinoan Arbor Day

IMG_20150405_125020A prayer to you for every tree, Silvanus:
A prayer for every tree that grows in the city;
A prayer for trees that are planted in square wells in city concrete;
A prayer, Antinous Silvanus, for the trees who are my neighbors and friends.
A prayer for the red maple and for the silver maple with its strong spreading roots.
A prayer for Japanese maple with its dark red leaves.
A prayer for ailanthus trees, strong and strong-smelling, thriving on city fumes.
A prayer for the pin oak, the white oak, the red oak, for every kind of oak.
A prayer for the elm that is slowly coming back.
A prayer for the Japanese cherry and the flowering pear, the queens of spring.
A prayer for the willow oak, newly planted.
A prayer for the ginkgo and the horse chestnut.
A prayer for the dogwood, the tulip magnolia, the bay magnolia, pink blooms and white.
A prayer for every tree that shades a sidewalk,
that shelters the starling and the sparrow, the cardinal and mourning dove,
that drops leaves and fruits and whirligig seeds for children to play with,
that brightens Samhain with its red and gold and bronze hues,
that suffers the exhaust of our machines and gives us pure oxygen,
a prayer, Antinous Silvanus, that they may live, may thrive,
may continue to bless us, may always be blessed by us and be cherished,
a prayer, Antinous Silvanus, to you for city trees.

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