A Prayer to Pancrates on Independence Day

O Pancrates, All-Power,
offspring of All-Soul, All-Body, All-Love,
on this fourth of July, our day of Independence,
I call on you to protect us.
Protect us from all forms of tyranny,
in our government as much as from other governments,
in our own hearts and minds as much as outside us.
Protect us from the delusion
that political independence means isolation
from the sorrows and the joys
of the world beyond our borders.
Protect us from the folly of misusing our power,
political or personal, financial or spiritual.
With your family, Pancrates, bless us
with the knowledge that our strength
lies in our diversity, for we are one
out of many, many who agree to be
dependent on one another.
Pancrates, mighty deity, this is my prayer
for my nation on this day.


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Writer, musician, polytheist, and friend of birds. I groove on transformative works.

2 thoughts on “A Prayer to Pancrates on Independence Day”

  1. This is spectacular…I hadn’t thought of Pancrates in that fashion before, but it makes sense! (And you can add this to your book of prayers for the Tetrad++ and others!)

    So, for you, this:

    * * * * * *

    (That’s six little environmentally-non-impactful fireworks for the Tetrad++ and for you!)

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    1. Thank you! I chalk this one up to divine inspiration; I was doing some journaling in the morning and suddenly thought, a prayer for Pancrates for the Fourth of July, since they are always commemorated on the fourth of the month. So I let the idea simmer for a while and then did it. Hail Pancrates!


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