My dog’s better than yours, but my god isn’t

A while ago a reader expressed some misgivings about this post, in which I stated that my god (Antinous) is cuter than your god. She felt that such uncategorical statements might lead to contention amongst devotees of different gods.

So let me state publicly what I said in my reply to her: Anything I say about Antinous being cute, or cuter than other gods (and *are* there other gods their worshippers call cute?), is far from being disrespect to other gods or irreverence toward Antinous: It’s a bit of mockery of myself, for being a middle-aged woman all swoony over a boy who was deified when he was about nineteen, and who thus is eternally nineteen, for all that he’s a god.

I also remember that something decidedly unreligious was running through my head while I wrote that blog entry. This version of it is a bit before my time, but I think you can see why this foolishness would stick in my head and come out as “My god’s cuter than yours”.


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Writer, musician, polytheist, and friend of birds. I like science fiction, fantasy, and superheroes a lot.

9 thoughts on “My dog’s better than yours, but my god isn’t”

  1. Honestly, if saying ‘my god is cuter than yours’ will lead to problems…how are we ever going to deal with actual problems between various devotees??


    1. Honestly, I don’t know. I rather wish I had pointed out to the disgruntled Tumblrite that, as Edward Butler has pointed out in a number of contexts, every god is the greatest god in a polytheistic worldview.


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