Hymn XXII: To Antinous and the Tetrad++

Sing, O Muses, of the splendid youth, beautiful and masculine,
the perfection of his gender, who became the first father
of a new generation of gods, gods who are numina, gods who
are deities, gods too great to be contained in the boxes of gender.
Sing of Antinous, beloved of Hadrian, one with Osiris, the Bithynian boy,
who fathered the first two of the Tetrad on Pan, great god of the wild,
worshipped in Arcadia, and led blessed gods and mortals divinized
to contribute to the new births. Sing of Panpsyche, sing of Panhyle,
twins, siblings, rivals, lovers, all-soul and all-body, the offspring
of seventy-eight generous parents. Sing of Paneros, offspring
of Panpsyche together with Panhyle, progenitor with eir parents
of mighty Pancrates. Sing of Paneris, partner of Paneros, and last
but not least of Panprosdexia, engendered by Pancrates.

Praise to Antinous, who led the great gods to birth a new generation
of blessed deities with new experiences of gender! Praise to Paneros,
who unchained Eros that all might equally love and be loved! Praise
to Panpsyche, the soul that contains the body, and to Panhyle, the body
within the soul. Praise, praise to Pancrates, who begins a new cycle
of time, and to Panprosdexia, who gathers all souls home. Praise not
least to Paneris, who preserves all beings from boredom!

O blessed Antinous, may you be loved and blessed by all people
of whatsoever genders for the generosity of your eros, the courage
of your divine youth! O blessed Tetrad++, may you be known and loved,
praised and worshipped, even more widely than all your parents,
All-Soul, All-Body, All-Love, All-Power, All-Strife, and All-Acceptance!


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Writer, musician, polytheist, and friend of birds. I like science fiction, fantasy, and superheroes a lot.

One thought on “Hymn XXII: To Antinous and the Tetrad++”

  1. Lovely, both in general and as a gift to all coinciding with my own birthday! 😉

    Is there a “be” missing from the antepenultimate line?

    Who will be tomorrow? The Trophimoi? Or Scintillica? 😛


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