To Flora on the Floralia


Flora, Flora, Flora!
It is your festival because the flowers are blooming!
Flora, Flora, Flora!
Goddess of flowers, of pleasure and joy!
I say your name to every flower I see:
Flora to the tulip, red and white, cream and yellow,
Flora to the dogwood, pink or white,
Flora to the cherry blossoms, to the grape hyacinth,
Flora to the violets sprouting in the cracks of the church steps,
Flora to the daffodil, fading away, to the orchid in my kitchen,
Flora to the roses that are soon to come.
Where the grass is lush, Flora,
Where the flowers bloom, Flora,
Where the birds do their mating dances,
Flora, I see your joy and rejoice and praise you.


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Writer, musician, polytheist, and friend of birds. I like science fiction, fantasy, and superheroes a lot.

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