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I worship a dead gay teenager and you can too

Dead boys and pretty flowers

If dead boys still became flowers,
every sidewalk in America
would be split with roots.
In Baltimore, Freddie Gray;
in New York City, Eric Harris;
in Ferguson, Mike Brown.
Brown skin and black hair
and white, human bones
lying everywhere, and not even
a chalk outline: Execution
is no murder. O goddess Flora,
is every flower a death?
is every bloom a tragedy?
Narcissus, Hyacinth, Crocus
joined by Michael, Eric, Freddie,
Trayvon Martin standing with
Polydeukion, young Memnon,
young Achilles. O goddess Flora,
help us make sense, help us
to mourn as well as rejoice
in a world where every flower
is an open vulva, is a dead boy.


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4 thoughts on “Dead boys and pretty flowers

  1. There must be something in the air with us Antinoans…you beat me to exactly what I was going to make the subject of a fiction piece for today. I may yet do it, but in any case…

    This is apt, and splendidly done.


    • Thank you, and I think you should go ahead with that fiction piece. I wrote the previous post yesterday morning after a very pleasant walk to work, and after it posted today, I felt something more needed to be said.


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