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To Venus on the Veneralia

Venus Verticordia by Dante Gabriel RossettiAve, Venus Verticordia!
Hail to the Turner of Hearts!
Hail to the lady of love and desire, fulfillment and prosperity!
Hail to the companion of Fortuna and Roma, guardians of Rome!
Hail to the mother of Cupid and of Aeneas,
the swift-winged god of desire’s arrows
and the hero of Troy, the father of Rome!
Beautiful in face and form,
beautiful in breast and buttock,
with curling hair, with modest hands,
winning and gracious, glorious and terrible,
Ave, ave, Verticordia!
O Venus, men call you the turner of hearts!
I beseech you, turn the hearts of men toward us women.
Turn their hearts to love and honor us rightly.
Turn their hearts to see us as human, not just female.
Turn their hearts to respect our needs, our bodies, our desires.
Let them not worship you as Rose of the World
but call women stinking fish.
Let them not praise you as the goddess of their desires
but call women bitches, cows, and whores.
Let them not honor you as mother
and discard their own mothers when they reach manhood.
Let them not dwell upon you as lover
but call their own lovers sluts.
Let them not acknowledge you as the protector of prostitutes
but despise the sex workers they patronise.
Let them not glorify you as ideal woman
but brutalize women who were not assigned female at birth.
O great goddess, beautiful one, rose and golden,
Venus, Turner of Hearts, turn the hearts of men
to justice as well as desire and protect the women of the earth!
Ave, Venus!


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3 thoughts on “To Venus on the Veneralia

  1. Powerful, apt, and beautifully executed…

    I’d add (though it isn’t my poem), Let them not drool over women who are like your devotee Sappho in their fantasies, but degrade and demean and discriminate against actual lesbians. But, it’s not my hymn. 😉


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