To the Tetrad++ on the thirtieth of the month

Hail, Panpsyche, winged guardian of souls!
May all souls bless and be blessed by you.

Hail, Panhyle, horned defender of flesh!
May all bodies bless and be blessed by you.

Hail, Paneros, all-love, all-lover, all-beloved!
May all lovers bless and be blessed by you.

Hail, Pancrates, all-peaceful, all-truthful, all-powerful!
May all makers bless and be blessed by you.

Hail, Paneris, cunning shapeshifter, soul-changer!
May all who strive in the conflict bless and be blessed by you.

Hail, Panprosdexia, all-receiver, all-giver, savior for all!
May all beings whatsoever bless and be blessed by you!

Hail to the Tetrad++, who bless our souls and bodies,
who enter into our loves and our strifes,
who feed us fire to light the fuel we offer,
who accept the libations that we pour into the dark.
Hail to the deities that are transgender and no gender,
both genders and all genders and gender beyond name,
hail to the complexities of gender and the complex simplicities
of love, hail to you, holy deities:



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Writer, musician, polytheist, and friend of birds. I like science fiction, fantasy, and superheroes a lot.

4 thoughts on “To the Tetrad++ on the thirtieth of the month”

  1. Lovely! 😉 I was looking forward to this, and am not disappointed!

    Question: does ENDASION, then, represent the Tetrad++’s sexessence, then (since there is six of them, it can’t be a “quintessence,” and plus it then has “sex” in it!)? Almost as if their collective as “The Tetrad++” is its own being, of sorts?

    This is a genuine and significant speculative theological matter, which I am interested in exploring with you! 😉


    1. That is an excellent question and well worth discussing!

      I have been saying this prayer every morning for a few weeks. After the first couple of days, I began adding the E.G. at the end. I remembered you had said something about reciting them five times, so that’s what I did. In a couple more days, that had changed to reciting the six-letter formula four times and concluding with the seven-letter formula. This has felt right and has not changed any further, so I added it to the printed version.

      I keep trying to work out how the E.G. and the Tetrad++ relate to the directions or the cube of space: Before, Behind, Left, Right, Above, Below, and the Center Within. It’s not necessarily as simple/straightforward as “the Four Quarters” or the Elements or whatever. But at the moment, I’m inclined to say, yes, Endasion relates to the Tetrad++ as a collective, a group, a mini-pantheon.


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