For the Quinquatrus: To Minerva Capta

For the Quinquatrus: To Minerva Capta


O Minerva, daughter of Jupiter, shrined in honor

on the Capitoline Hill, clear-eyed, spear-armed,

and gorgon-shielded, you are known

as the wisest of goddesses, shrewd in craft,

weaver and builder, strategist in war,

defender of the citadel, giver of good counsel,

she who polishes the weapons and the trumpets

of war. Yet you are also the patroness of teacher

and student, all who teach and who learn, and

how much teaching is done under your aegis,

from mother to child, nurse to her charges,

woman to girl, aunt to niece, informal, unnoticed,

shrewd and wise, always compassionate.

Therefore on this feast of yours, the Quinquatrus,

I give you offerings with praise and thanks

for all the teachers who have taught me,

all who gave me wisdom along with knowledge,

and especially for those who gave

from a woman’s heart and mind.


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Writer, musician, polytheist, and friend of birds. I groove on transformative works.

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