February for Manannan – February 15

I wrote a poem for Manannan mac Lir which Galina has kindly posted as part of her month in honor of the sea god.

Gangleri's Grove

For Manannan

by Merri-Todd

Hail, son of Lir, son of the sea!
Hail, lord of Man and of Emhain Abhlach!
Hail, Manannan, son of Lir, lord of the sea,
you who welcomed the Tribes of Danu
and appointed them their places
in the Otherworld, your world.
The coming of the Sons of Mil
did not drive you away;
you protected the gods and made peace,
even as you made peace between Fand
and Cu Chulainn, between your wife and yourself.

Manannan, make peace for us;
make peace in your land.
May your image be raised again
and never be disturbed.
May all the dwellers in Eire know
that they are protected by your grace.
May all the dwellers on Earth see
that the world itself is but a larger island,
spinning in the sea of space.
May Isa bless those who honor you
and may you bless those who honor…

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