Sacred Nights: Antinous the Liberator (a litany)

In the name of Antinous, the Liberator, the Savior, the Human-God, Victorious One, Emperor of Peace.

From all that oppresses us, Antinous, liberate us.

From all that inhibits us, Antinous, liberate us.

From all that constrains us, whether without or within, Antinous, liberate us.

From racism and all racial prejudice, Antinous, liberate us.

From sexism and all misogyny, Antinous, etc.

From disrespect for our elders,

From disrespect for our youth,

From homophobia and all hatred of sexual minorities,

From all contempt for women and girls and for effeminate men,

From all injustice,

From sexual violence,

From bullying and harassment,

From depression and melancholy,

From loneliness and despair,

From doubt of our own gifts,

From doubt of our ability to act,

From the wounds of the past,

From fear of the future,

From all addictions,

From poverty,

From hunger,

From illness,

From ignorance,

From the tyranny of the wealthy and their greed,

From the tyranny of the bigoted and their fear,

From the tyranny of the lustful and their self-loathing,

From every kind of hatred,

[Additional petitions may be inserted here. ]

Guard and defend us, Antinous, as we struggle to free ourselves; guard and defend us, Antinous, as we strive to liberate others; guard and defend us, Antinous, as we await the rising of your star.

Ave, ave, Antinoe!

Haec est unde vita venit!


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Writer, musician, polytheist, and friend of birds. I like science fiction, fantasy, and superheroes a lot.

2 thoughts on “Sacred Nights: Antinous the Liberator (a litany)”

  1. Wonderful…

    I’d add something about trans*phobia and biphobia in particular as well…those things need to be named specifically, I think, not only because they are relevant (and cause a lot of death and violence in the first case, and erasure and invisibility and marginalization in the second), but because they’re not named as frequently as homophobia.

    But, no matter what, excellent! 😉


  2. Thank you! Your praise means a lot.

    I am thinking of creating a page specifically for hymns/prayers/poems of my own composition; I can certainly add a couple of petitions related to trans* issues and I’d post the revised version there.


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