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I feel like a prairie dog putting its head out of a hole

But a brief pop-up post is all I have time and energy to create, at the moment. I’m still fine-tuning my adjustment to working two jobs and getting up, even leaving the house while it’s still dark. Very dark.

I’m a citizen of the Ekklesia Antinoou, a devotee of the god Antinous. That’s my primary religious identity. It involves, at least potentially, the worship not only of the deified youth but of a large swath of the deities of Greece, Rome, and Egypt. My strongest relationships at this point are with Vesta, Serapis, and Antinous himself.

I’m also an akousmatikos of the Thiasos of the Starry Bull. In light of discussions that are currently taking place within the thiasos, it’s important for me to identify myself publicly as such. I don’t anticipate that I will progress beyond akousmatikos, a listener, a beginner, but I still belong to the thiasos.

I’m also a Buddhist. I took refuge in the Drikung Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism around six years ago and also made the bodhisattva vow. Increasingly, I am interested in how pagan polytheism and the Buddhadharma, especially in its Vajrayana form, can inform and illuminate one another.

The fun thing about paganism is I can be all of those things at once, and still have time to make a pot of tea.

I’m also a writer, a singer, and a friend of birds. Leave religion out of it, and those are my primary self-identifications. I write fiction, poetry, and essays (i.e., blog entries). I only sing casually these days, but I used to be a paid chorister in an Episcopal church choir. I don’t merely own a bird (or he owns me, or we live in mutual interdependence as flock mates), I look for, pay attention to, and appreciate birds always, everywhere. They in turn seem to know that I am on their side.

I’m divorced. I’m bisexual. I’m fat. I’m a fan, a geek, a long-time Trekkie, a old-skool Whovian, a slash writer. I’m a lot of things, none of them exclusively. Sometimes I’m just a lump under the covers, asleep. I hope to be a more regular blogger soon.

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One thought on “I feel like a prairie dog putting its head out of a hole

  1. Marybeth on said:

    It is so interesting to me to be finding Buddhist connections to the Thiasos(not crazy numbers, so far the posts Sannion shares and you, but still!), since I went to a meditation retreat at the Stupa in Red Feather, CO a few years ago, not expecting to have the experience I did or knowing much about Tibetan Buddhism before going, but feeling very much like I was “sent” there. It would still be fair to say I don’t know much, but it was a changing experience. I’m also working on feeling like I’m doing enough to call myself an akousmatikos, and I’m an opera singer who is currently paid to sing in a Presbyterian church. Hi!! šŸ™‚


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