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I worship a dead gay teenager and you can too

No, I haven’t died

Shortly after I started this blog, Antinous gifted me with the opportunity to make some additional money through a part-time job. I help supervise kids at a small private school between three-thirty and five-thirty, giving their parents the opportunity to pick them up after their own workday is complete. It’s been fun so far, but it does make a difference to work ten more hours in a week, and to get up at five in order to work my full-time job and then get to the school on time! So I’ve just been a bit short on time and energy to write anything, or even to repost stuff from my old blog.

Today I began writing a pagan-related piece of fiction, about which I’ll say no more lest I jinx it. It’s a pleasure to be writing fiction again, and I feel like the energy is flowing back, levelling out, so I’ll be able to get back to writing regularly again.

I have always felt, since I was a child, that writing was the thing I was put here to do. Whether I call it vocation or talent or my True Will, it is the thing I am good at, the task by which I can best serve my fellow beings and the Powers That Be, and the thing which gives me a soul-deep pleasure and satisfaction. If I am not writing, if I feel unable to write, something is wrong in my life. If I am writing, all is well. All my writing is an offering; this blog in particular is an offering to Antinous. May he be pleased by it.

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