Antinous for Everybody

I worship a dead gay teenager and you can too

Possibly a mission statement

I’ve written devotional poems for several deities now, but writing one for Antinous proved surprisingly hard. I think, however, that this poem definitely belongs at the head of this blog.

Antinous for Everybody

I am grateful to have you in my life,

Bithynian Boy: So grateful that I find

I don’t want to keep you to myself.

I want to share you with everyone

around me, anyone who might be

as hungry and thirsty as I was.

I want to be your Ganymede

and hand you round like the Holy Grail,

so that everyone who tastes you

can drink of their desire.

Antinous for everybody!

Drink of the boy turned god,

the one who comes

and meets us more

than halfway, the new interpreter

of gods to mortals and likewise

mortals to gods.

Drink of his eyes that

look deeply into yours

when you look at him;

drink of his listening

expression, his soft and

silent mouth. Taste his abundant

curls, his broad sturdy

shoulders, his perfect buttocks.

Antinous for everyone!

Drink deeply, friends, for I

am drunk with love and want

you to be as drunk as I am.


I want to give you away to old ladies

who have no one to listen

to them and no one to carry

their groceries to the kitchen.

I want to share you with

the misfit teenagers

who think no one else

has ever felt as they do,

who call themselves

bi or pan or ace,

boi or gurl or queer.

I want to take you out

for drinks and show you off

to all my fag-hag friends,

dressed in low-rise jeans

and boots and a henley

stretched across the muscles

of your chest. Take, eat,

enjoy the Beautiful God,

lovable and lovely, amiable

but fierce, both benevolent and just.

I want to take you to all the churches

that punish people in Jesus’ name

so you can tell them Jesus loves them

no matter who they fuck.


Then when I’ve introduced you

to all the people who need you,

all the people I think would love you,

take my hand and walk me home,

and with your smile, Antinous,

remind me that nothing shared

is anything lost, and that your love

stays with me though I give it away.

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